Lancaster Castle app

A new app which brings to life the history and characters of one of the county’s most important historic attractions has cast fresh light on Lancaster Castle.

Lancaster is one of 12 of England’s historic cities which have collaborated to develop an innovative augmented reality (AR) product. It consists of an app and videos that transports the user back in time to unveil the hidden lives of some of history’s most fascinating characters at Lancaster Castle, including John Higgin Snr, governor of Lancaster Castle for 50 years from 1783–1833.

The app captures significant historic moments in time whilst providing visitors the opportunity to explore England’s most historic cities. It uses cutting-edge technology to give the historical moments a fresh perspective and make history’s fascinating characters come to life.

In a rapidly changing and competitive tourist environment, the use of AR technology will offer a point of difference that will attract visitors and showcase the best of the city.

Download the app now on Apple and Android devices or find out more: Watch the Video

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