The English Civil War Revisited

In the 1640’s the country was plunged into Civil War. Parliamentarians had revolted against the Crown and fierce battles raged between the Royalists and their opponents.  One of the casualties was Lancaster Castle which was captured by the Parliamentarians in 1642.

Join the Earl of Manchester’s Regiment of Foote as they bring this turbulent period of local history to life.  Listen to the musketeers as the talk through their musket and pike drills and hear the sound of musket fire from the top of the John o’ Gaunt gate.

A living history village will revisit daily life during the English Civil War and a range of have-a-go activities will be available throughout the weekend.

Musketry, pike drill & swordplay arena demonstrations. A living history area with an apothecary, armoury and army kitchens.  Children’s activities including:

  • mock pikes,
  • hobby horses,
  • stocks and pillory,
  • children’s army drill workshops.


£3 entry fee to the Castle event. Under-5s free of charge.

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