Who are Massive Wagons?

Massive Wagons are a five-piece British rock band from Carnforth near Lancaster. After starting the band in 2008 they have growing their music and audience ever since. In recent years the band have managed to play some huge UK festivals such as Download, Steelhouse and Ramblin’ Man down in Kent.

After eight years of scintillating live shows and two acclaimed studio albums, English anthemic rockers Massive Wagons are returning with their Earache Records debut, “Full Nelson”, featuring 10 tracks of quintessentially British hard rock ‘n’ roll and a live energy that is impossible not to get swept up in, mainly thanks to singer Baz Mills’ mesmerising, animated and infectious showmanship and the band’s musical muscle. Listen to the first single from the album, “Under No Illusion”, here.

Alongside “Under No Illusion”, “Full Nelson” also features a new version of “Back To The Stack” – the band’s tribute to legendary Status Quo rocker Rick Parfitt, as well as the future single “Robot (Trust In Me)”, for which the band worked with famed Black Sabbath and Judas Priest engineer Mike Exeter.

This isn’t just another band with another album however… Massive Wagons are looking likely to write themselves into the Lancaster history books. No band from the city has ever achieved a Top 40 record before but Massive Wagons are determined to be the first and based on current pre order charts its looking like it could be on the cards. You can be a part of history with Massive Wagons and pre order the album today here.

Frontman Baz said:

“Thanks so much Lancaster for all the support it’s just been mind-blowing really. We love being part of Lancaster and we are so proud of it as a city and a music scene.  We would be nowhere without the support of our hometown so thank you. Next step nailing this album in the top 40 and bring a bit of a spotlight on Lancaster and put it on the map a bit more”