#WorldBookDay – 7 March 2019

To celebrate #WorldBookDay, our friends at Lancaster Visitor Information Centre have provided their top picks of books inspired by Lancaster.


Literary Lancaster by Dr Penny Bradshaw

‘Literary Lancaster – City of Stories’, is inspired by a range of texts from such literary giants as Dickens, William Wordsworth and Siegfried Sassoon.

This book offers you a compact of the prolific and inspiring literary history of Lancashire through both resident and visiting authors. Hear about Wordsworth’s description of Lancaster Sands as ‘the majestic plain whence the sea has retired’ to the harrowing story of the Pendle Witches under ‘Grim skies’ and a ‘grey remorse of rain’ in Carol Ann Duffy’s evocative poem, The Lancashire Witches.”

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The Complete Guide to the Lancaster Canal by Richard Trevitt

This guide covers the Lancaster Canal from Preston to Kendal, including the Ribble Link and the branch to Glasson Dock. Taking this book on your canal trip is all you need to learn everything you need to know from information on the canal itself to the town and villages it passes through. The guide also includes clear and concise maps show amenities found en-route, including nearby shops, services and, of course, pubs!

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Lancaster in 50 buildings by Billy F.K. Howarth

The historic city of Lancaster has a rich history dating back almost 2,000 years. From the Pendle Witch Trials and its role in the North Atlantic slave trade during the Georgian period through to the Victorian industries that made the city famous, Lancaster has a proud and distinctive identity. This extraordinary history is embodied in the many fine buildings that have shaped the city. Lancaster in 50 Buildings explores the history of this rich and vibrant community through a selection of its greatest architectural treasures.

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Lancaster & District Britain in Old Photographs by Susan Ashworth & Nigel Dalziel

This portrait of a period at once familiar and remote includes views of the historic city of Lancaster, illustrates the development of Morecambe from a small fishing community to a thriving seaside resort, recaptures the wealth of Morecambe Bay’s maritime history, and explores the attractive villages of the Lune Valley. In addition to vanishing land – and townscapes, the photographs record the daily lives of ordinary people – at work at Gillows or in the giant linoleum and cloth mills, fishing in Morecambe Bay, celebrating local festivals, mourning local disasters, or enjoying a day out at the burgeoning seaside resorts. This book is perfect for everyone for those who can still remember, it offers a trip down memory lane; for others, it is a voyage of discovery.

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The Familiars by Stacey Halls

Young Fleetwood Shuttleworth, a noblewoman, is with child again. None of her previous pregnancies have borne fruit, and her husband, Richard, is anxious for an heir. Then Fleetwood discovers a hidden doctor’s letter that carries a dire prediction: she will not survive another birth. By chance she meets a midwife named Alice Grey, who promises to help her deliver a healthy baby. But Alice soon stands accused of witchcraft. Is there more to Alice than meets the eye? Fleetwood must risk everything to prove her innocence. As the two women’s lives become intertwined, the Witch Trials of 1612 at Lancaster Castle loom. Time is running out; both their lives are at stake. Only they know the truth. Only they can save each other.


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