Bookable School Sessions

Please visit the Lancashire Simply Schools website for up to date information and a full overview of their current programme. The sessions we host at our three sites are listed below. 


Cottage Debbie_01 (002)

At Home 

KS R/1/2 

Cottage Museum 


Visit a humble cottage for a glimpse of home life in Victorian England. Pupils will appreciate the contrast between the Judges’ Lodgings and this tiny servant’s house and investigate what life was like during the latter years of Queen Victoria’s reign. 

Please note, this session is normally booked alongside sessions delivered at the Judges’ Lodgings. 


Can you dig it?

Can you dig it?  

Half day, KS2 

Lancaster City Museum 


It’s time for some  hands-on  archaeology as you discover the way we find out about the past. Be part of a human timeline, uncover the secrets of a waste bin and get up to your elbows in an archaeological dig as you reveal the secrets that could lie beneath your feet. A ‘Dig it’ challenge takes you onto the Galleries at the museum and a new discovery completes the session. Can  you  dig  it? 


Insus Tombstone 

Meet the Romans  

Half day, KS1/2 

Lancaster City Museum 


In this inspiring and hands on session pupils will come face to face with Marcus, a Roman soldier. They will be recruited into the Roman Army and gain an insight into both military and domestic life in Roman occupied Britain. The contents of a soldier’s marching pack will introduce you to Roman recipes and food tips, and an equipment check will give you the chance to get a closer look at Roman weapons. 

Pupils will also visit our Roman gallery to further explore the legacy that the Romans left behind. 

This session brings together a whole host of learning experiences and immersive activities relating to the Romans, including storytelling, literacy, drama and historical enquiry. 


Close up of an old map 

The Map Makers – an Explorer’s Tale  

Half day, KS2 

Lancaster Maritime Museum 


All aboard! Discover more about life aboard ship and the famous trip to Australia by Captain Cook and his crew. Investigate map making skills, try your hand at tying knots and work alongside your  shipmates while singing some  toe-tapping sea shanties. 


Viking helmet

The Vikings  

Half day, KS1 /2 

Lancaster Maritime Museum 


Pupils are invited to visit our Viking Settlement where they will be subject to Viking Law and Customs. They will be welcomed into the home of a Viking skald who will explain the ‘Viking Way’ and give children the opportunity to take part in the daily household chores of Viking life. 

Our Viking warrior will instruct them in all things Viking: Gods, farms, ships, raiding, and of course fighting! If you are brave enough, maybe you will get to stand in a shield wall beside our Viking warrior!