Twisted Rose and Other Lives

This exhibition has ended

20/09/2019 – 03/11/2019

Andy Farr Catalogue 2019

An exhibition of artworks by Andy Farr which show a series of individuals recovering from trauma in some way. Farr’s intention was to show that not only is it possible for people to recover, but also to grow and find new meaning or purpose in their lives.  

Andy Farr is an award-winning artist with a particular interest in mental health issues. These artworks were enabled by the Institute of Mental Health in Nottingham who put him into contact with people who had experienced trauma and wanted to share their stories.  

Andy says: “My hope is that the exhibition of moving and thought-provoking depictions of what it is like to suffer and recover from mental health problems will raise awareness and consciousness of the issues surrounding trauma.” 

The exhibition was part funded by Arts Council England and has been shown Nottingham, Coventry, Newcastle and London, with Lancaster being the final leg of the tour.  

If you wish to purchase the related exhibition handbook, please get in touch with Lancaster City Museum. 

 To find out more , please visit Andy Farr’s website .

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