Spotlight on Thrift n Shout

The Assembly Rooms Emporium occupies a lovely 18th century Grade II listed heritage building and is a must for those looking for something a little different.   

It is home to an Aladdin’s cave of stalls, including vintage and alternative clothing, fancy dress clothing, books, crafts, jewellery, accessories and gifts.   

Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5.30pm, Sunday & summer bank holidays 11am-4pm. 

In the coming weeks, Visit Lancaster is shining the spotlight on some of the brilliant independent businesses in our Lancashire region.   

This time, it’s Thrift n Shout! Thrift n Shout is a family run business that sells Vintage & Retro Clothing from the 1950s to early 1990s and current trends from the Assembly Rooms Emporium.  

The team base the business on sourcing vintage clothing that people have fallen out of love with so they can find it a forever home.  

We spoke with owner Aaron and here’s what he has to share. 


How would you describe Thrift n Shout ‘Vintage Streetwear’ in a line or two?
I’m Aaron and I’m the business owner. If I was to describe my business I’d say it’s 80s, 90s & current trends of streetwear clothing. 


What was the inspiration behind starting Thrift n Shout ‘Vintage Streetwear’? 
I’ve always had a keen interest in 90s clothing especially as this was my era growing up so I pretty much wore most of the clothes and brands I sell in my shop. It wasn’t until 2016 where I began to buy and sell 80s & 90s clothing online following a breakdown at work. I used to be a social work manager, but the stress of the job made me ill so I decided to do something about it. Buying and selling online enabled me to focus on something different and gave me my spark back in life until I took the plunge and left my job to open my shop in the Assembly Rooms. I took a risk and it’s changed my life. The name of my business comes from my favourite band the Beatles’ song ‘Twist & Shout’ – which my wife Danielle came up with. 


What was Thrift n Shout ‘Vintage Streetwear’ like in the early days? 
In the early days of my business, it was juggling my full-time job with trying to turn my business into a full-time job. During the week I was at work and at weekends I was at vintage fairs up and down the country trying to make this newfound love work.  

Slowly but surely I started to believe there was a new future for me but together with the stress at work and exhaustion I burnt out and had a breakdown. I realised I’d come to a crossroads and I either quit my business and focus on my job or go full time doing what I love.  

In the early days, I made lots of mistakes just like most businesses do but I’m never one to give up. Over the past 5 years, my stock has got better, I source my stock from more reliable businesses and more importantly, I’ve found myself again which means the world to my family. 


How has Thrift n Shout ‘Vintage Streetwear’ evolved over the years? 
What’s interesting about the job I do is that trends are evolving all the time. With the introduction of social media and the internet, trends are changing a lot quicker than they used to so I have to be constantly thinking about what I need to have in my shop. This also means my stock is fresh and I have stock drops 2/3 times a week meaning my customers are getting a massive choice of new vintage streetwear items regularly. 


What are you excited about in the coming months and years ahead? 
I think after the past year we’ve had regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic normally I’d be happy with just getting by and glad to be seeing customers again but I‘m ready to grow my business now and I see this as a perfect time to do it. I have some great ideas in the pipeline and my customers will hear about this first on my social media accounts! 


Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Now that you can once again return to our beloved high streets, please remember to support and shop local. 


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