Lancaster Vintage Kilo Sale

The UK’S first and largest kilo sale returns to The Storey Lancaster.

Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their partnership with glass onion vintage – Europe’s largest vintage wholesaler!

Entry: 10am-5pm

  • Entry £1.50, under 12s free
  • Preloved Bundle – £14.75
  • Advance Kilo Ticket – £12.50

The Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale lets you pick from thousands of vintage, retro and branded items from 70s – early 00’s! Roll up your sleeves and rummage through tonnes of clothing and save ££’s! There is NO minimum spend so if it’s just one light item you want, expect to pay as little as 50p!

The Vintage Kilo Sale team bring you 6 TONNES of stock! Laid out before you and waiting to be shopped, we’re talking everything from retro tees to denim, jackets to jumpers to shorts and skirts. All events have a 50/50 split between Mens/Womenswear! Items are sorted into type for shopping each e.g. jumpers, dresses, shirts.

Once you are ready to pay, just take your items to our lovely staff at the tills and we’ll charge you £15 PER KILO! (Weight is calculated accurately in front of you so you pay for the exact weight!)

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