Pairidaeza Exhibition

An Iranian-born artist has found her paradise in Lancaster. Nazanin Moradi will be presenting Pairidaeza at the city’s King Street Studios from June 15-July 27.

Pairidaeza is the old Persian word for an ‘other space’ and the exhibition focuses on openness, tolerance and dialogue, subjects of significance to Nazanin who was born in Iran during the Eighties  where she attended calligraphy and painting school aged just six.

Nazanin’s work was first displayed at King Street Studios last year as part of the Something Called Home show but Pairidaeza will be her first solo exhibition in the city.

Nazanin’s work combines costume making, performance, painting, printmaking and digital collage.

King Street Studios are open on Fridays and Saturdays from 11am-5.30pm or by appointment by ringing 07743238663. For more information, visit

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