Print Workshops and Courses with Iron Press

Choose from a 6-week course or individual workshops in various techniques of printmaking.


Introduction to Printmaking at Iron Press – A Six-Week Course for Beginners


If you are interested in learning about different types of printmaking, here is the perfect opportunity to learn. On Wednesday mornings, Iron Press Printmaking is running courses for people who want to know more about different print techniques and styles. In each of the morning sessions you will produce prints using both traditional and contemporary techniques. No prior experience or particular artistic skills are required.
Printmaking is often experimental and is the perfect way to tap into your creativity. Getting involved with materials and techniques is a lot of fun. The sessions will be introduced by a group of four highly experienced artists, each passionate about their work and keen to share their experience with you.


  • The course costs £150.00 inclusive of all materials.
  • The course will only run with 3-5 people taking part.
  • Social distancing measures will be in place.


The completion of the course will hopefully encourage you to use ‘Open Access’ which lets you come and develop your prints and ideas in your own time.


June 910.30 – 1.30Lino-cuttingJulie Evans
June 1610.30 – 1.30Hard Ground EtchingJenny Hack
June 2310.30 – 1.30WoodcuttingJulie Evans
June 3010.30 – 1.30DrypointJenny McCabe
July 710.30 – 1.30CollagraphJenny McCabe
June 1410.30 – 1.30MonotypeRachel-Ann Powers


July 2110.30 – 1.30Lino-cuttingJulie Evans
July 2810.30 – 1.30Hard Ground EtchingJenny Hack
Aug 410.30 – 1.30WoodcuttingJulie Evans
Aug 1110.30 – 1.30DrypointJenny McCabe
Aug 1810.30 – 1.30CollagraphJenny McCabe
Aug2510.30 – 1.30MonotypeRachel-Ann Powers


To book your place contact Iain Sloan on 07521 950908 or call into the Studio at the ‘Storey’ Monday – Friday



Print Workshops July – September 2021


Each workshop will accommodate a maximum of five people – so book early. No Studio Induction is required for Workshops

All bookings can be made by calling Iain Sloan on 07521950908


JuneSaturday 5th10.30am – 5.30pmIntroduction to Lino-cuttingJulie Evans5 Places£60
Saturday 12th10.30am – 5.30pm DrypointJenny McCabe5 Places£60
Saturday 19th10.30am – 5.30pmEtchingIain Sloan5 Places£60
Saturday 26th10.30am – 5.30pmWoodcuttingJenny Hack5 Places£60
JulySaturday 3rd10.30am – 5.30pmDrypoint from the ModelJenny McCabe5 Places£60
Saturday 10th10.30am – 5.30pmCollagraphR A Powers5 Places£60
Saturday 17th10.30am – 5.30pmPhotoetchingIain Sloan5 Places£60
Saturday 24th10.30am – 5.30pm   Wood EngravingRuth Law5 Places£60
Saturday 31st10.30am – 5.30pmEtching with Viscosity PrintingIain Sloan5 Places£60
AugustSaturday 7th10.30am – 5.30pmMonotype – Abstract ImagingR A Powers5 Places£60
Saturday 14th10.30am – 5.30pmLino-cuttingJulie Evans5 Places£60
Saturday 21st10.30am – 5.30pmJapanese Style WoodcuttingJulie Evans5 Places£60
Saturday 28th10.30am – 5.30pmWood EngravingJenny Hack5 Places£60
SeptemberSaturday 4th10.30am – 5.30pmExperimental DrypointJenny McCabe5 Places£60
Saturday 11th10.30am – 5.30pmPhotoetchingIain Sloan5 Places£60
Saturday 18th10.30am – 5.30pmMonotype – Figurative ImagingR A Powers5 Places£60
Saturday 25th10.30am – 5.30pmSoft Ground EtchingJenny Hack5 Places£60


For further information contact Iain Sloan on 07984833155



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