Like so many places in this area, Torrisholme was first recorded in the Domesday Book as ‘Toredholme’.
Both parts of this place-name are Scandinavian. The second part is the more usual use of ‘holme’ as a raised area, or island, in wet ground.
The first part is a person’s name, Ƿóraldr, which would be said ‘Thorold’. So Torrisholme is ‘Thorold’s area of raised ground’.
Torrisholme is situated at the end of a ridge which also has a Bronze Age barrow. Historically it was in the same township as Poulton (now Morecambe) and Bare. For around 300 years from the 1200s Lancaster Priory had a monastic farm, known as a grange, here.
The photo shows Torrisholme around 1900.