Tasty Wok

At Tasty Wok, When South meets North…

Chinese cooking styles and dietary preferences can be very diverse depending on the geographical areas. Each of these area has a distinct style of cooking.

Central China cuisine features hot and spicy flavour with a lot of strong seasonings. For example Sichuen cuisine is famous for its numbing and spicy taste from the use of garlic and chilli peppers, as well as the unique numbing sensation of Sichuen peppercorn.

Whereas Cantonese cuisine tends to be mild. It focus less on spices, but more on the freshness and the natural flavour of the ingredients. Cantonese dishes are focus on the balance of savoury and sweetness.

At Tasty Wok, we proudly serve you the best of the both – the authentic flavours of Sichuen and finest taste of Canton. No matter you want to try the addictive ‘numbing and hot’ flavoured ‘Boiled Seabass in chilli oil, or the juicy Cantonese Roast Duck, you can find your favourite dishes in Tasty Wok.


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