Spotlight on Baked by Brew

Baked by Brew is an independent bakery from the creators of Brew Coffee Shop, Lancaster, with baked goods not only available from the coffee shop but also delivered straight to your door!

We spoke with co-owner Elre Woods and here’s what she has to share.

Baked by Brew 1L

How would you describe Baked by Brew in a line or two?
Baked By Brew is an independent bakery, born out of Brew, a local Lancaster cafe. We make a variety of cakes, brownies, and blondies that put fab taste before lots of fuss, and we’re also home to some pretty famous cinnamon brioche buns!!


What was the inspiration behind starting Baked by Brew?
In the beginning, Brew the cafe began to operate a cake delivery service through social media, delivering some of our most loved bakes to those stuck at home. This service took off so well that we decided to open a premises especially for baking, which produces cakes for delivery, collection, and to buy in the cafe.

Baked by Brew

What was Baked by Brew like in the early days?
In the beginning, the cafe’s cakes were baking on an evening, in a tiny kitchen. After starting the delivery service, that space was just too small, and now we operate from a fantastic full-sized bakery. But as we continue to grow, ie. baking 160 orders on Mother’s Day, we’re even starting to outgrow that!!


How has Baked by Brew evolved over the years?
We are still in the early stages of our bakery, but even in this short time we have learnt and grown so much. Adapting cakes for postage and delivery was pretty tricky, but we reckon we’ve got the hang of it, and our customers seem to agree!

What are you excited about in the months and years ahead?
Like all businesses at the moment, we are unsure how the next couple of months will go, but whatever happens, we’ll keep on baking! We are looking forward to making more festive bakes, and for all the new flavours of brioche buns we’ll invent. We also bake celebration cakes and look forward to having more opportunities to bake those in the future.


What’s your most popular baked item?
Our customers have a lot of favourite bakes, Oreo brownies, salted caramel cookie dough… but our cinnamon brioche buns always have, and will always be, the winner!



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