‘Touch and See’ project


Lancaster’s art collection is being brought to life for those with sight loss and other visual impairments thanks to a grant of £16,000. We have been working with Lancaster University’s School of Engineering and Galloway’s Society for the Blind on 3D print relief images of some of the paintings on display at the museums.

Over the last year we have worked alongside people with sight loss, two university interns and 4th year engineering students as well as academics from the School of Engineering. The project has aimed to discover the best way to 3D print relief images of paintings from the museum collections. Following feedback we have added audio description and a stand to contain the 3D lithophane for ease of use.

We are trialling public use of the lithophanes at the City Museum.

We are also aiming to print small or fragile objects from the museum collection and make them available for people to touch.

This is an ongoing project and feedback is always welcome. Please contact us at lancastercitymuseum@lancaster.gov.uk with any comments.