Burrow (near Bailrigg)

Although a very small place now, Burrow was first recorded around 1200 as ‘Burg’, ‘Burgo’ and ‘Burgum’. This comes from the Anglo-Saxon (Old English) ‘burh’ or ‘fortified place’.
It is near here that the amazing Roman ‘Burrow Heads’ were found that can be seen in the City Museum. Unique in this country it is thought that they came from a Roman mausoleum that would have stood near the Roman road that crosses the canal just south of Broken Back Bridge.
It has been suggested that nearby Burrow Heights is a small hillfort. This would explain the use of the specific term ‘burg’ and indeed why in 1268 it was referred to as ‘Aldeburgh’ or ‘the old fortification’. Alternatively it could relate to Roman ruins.
Unfortunately we do not have any old photos in the museum collections of Burrow. The image you can see are the enigmatic ‘Burrow Heads’ on display in the City Museum.