Spotlight on Lancaster Board and Sword

The brilliant Lancaster Board and Sword was kind enough to talk to us this week! We spoke to Phil who owns this board game café in Lancaster City Centre and he told us about his business, what inspired him to start his business, and his plans for the future. Thanks, Phil!

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Tell us a bit about your business…
Lancaster Board and Sword is a board game café, selling tea, cake, coffee and board games! Open almost every day, we have regular events throughout the week including a D&D night, more than one card gaming league, wargamers and board gamers. The biggest thing is our huge library of board games which can be played in store, letting people try out new and wonderful things!
What inspired the beginning of Lancaster Board and Sword?
I got back into board gaming with my partner several years ago at the now sadly defunct Dice and Donuts in Preston. Like most I had played a few games as a kid, but mostly just things like Risk or Monopoly. Seeing a huge library of games and playing things, like Splendor (the only game I consider to be perfect!) made me fall in love with the hobby. Fast forward a few years and some less pleasant jobs and I decided to try and work for myself and built up a small board game store!
How has Lancaster Board and Sword changed/developed this year?
Somehow, despite the current situation, we expanded. We moved down the street, and took over the former Sunbury Coffee House, expanding our offering significantly and becoming a board game café. Since doing so our library has more than doubled, our space has doubled, our community has pretty much doubled and our workload has definitely at least tripled! It is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to see what 2022 brings for us.
What can we expect to see from Lancaster Board and Sword in the coming months/years?
First off we need to finish giving out the rewards to everyone who backed us on Kickstarter and made the move possible. After that it’s sorting out an upstairs room so it can go from storage into another gaming space, which is a hell of a job. Then it’s redo the outdoor seating somewhat, although nothing we can do would make it so you could game outside in the changeable Lancastrian weather! After that, the largest project we want to have done by the end of 2022 is to spin up the kitchen and start doing more than just cake (even if the cake we have is absolutely fantastic!).
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