Spotlight on Williamson Park

In the coming weeks, Visit Lancaster is shining the spotlight on some of the brilliant independent businesses in our local Lancashire region.

This time, it’s Williamson Park! Williamson Park is home to the iconic Ashton Memorial and acres of beautiful parkland and woodland walks, play areas and incredible views of the Fylde, Morecambe Bay and the Lake District.

The park is also home to the Pavilion Cafe, the Butterfly House and a mini-zoo with resident meerkats and marmosets.

We spoke with Public Realm Supervisor Beth Nortley and here’s what she has to share.


IMG_20200319_100539L How would you describe Williamson Park in a line or two?
Williamson Park is a multi-faceted site with lots of things to do and see. It consists of 54 acres of adventure trails, woodland walks, vistas across the bay, picnic sites and that is just the grounds.

There is a café serving locally sourced goodies and a tropical butterfly house and mini – zoo including meerkats and marmosets. The site is also home to The Ashton Memorial which is the domed building everyone spots from the motorway, it is a popular wedding venue with its spectacular interior and exterior making wonderful backdrops for photographs.


What was the inspiration behind starting Williamson Park?
Williamson Park began being created in the 1870s and its structures were added in the early 1900s as space for the community to enjoy.

Since then it has continued to grow and is a popular tourist destination.


What was Williamson Park like in the early days?
As an Edwardian park, the structures have been kept the same, however, the park would have looked very different back then with manicured planting and the Edwardians promenading up and down the walkways.


How has Williamson Park evolved over the years?
Nowadays the park takes on a more environmentally friendly approach, with the planting thoughtfully planned to encourage wildlife diversity.

We also host a number of events and welcome everyone to enjoy, from the highest point festival to the number 1 walkabout theatre in the UK.


What are you excited about in the months and years ahead?
The park has been a valuable place for the local community during the pandemic and we have enjoyed being able to provide a well looked after space for people to enjoy.

Moving forward we are looking forward to being able to host events properly again and see the opening of the mini-zoo – which should be in the coming weeks.


Now that you can once again return to our beloved high streets, please remember to support and shop local.



Please be aware that from 3rd May 2022 some areas of the park, including the Ashton Memorial, will be closed for safety reasons, as work commences on building Highest Point Festival (12-14 May)
The Wyresdale Road driveway will also be closed from 3rd May until after the festival. The Quernmore Road car park is also closed until after the Festival.
Access on foot is possible through the Quernmore Road gate and through the Wyresdale Road car park.
Keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular updates about which areas of the park have restricted access 
Please call 01524 33318 if you have any questions regarding access before visiting. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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