The place-name ‘Warton’ is essentially unchanged since the Domesday scribes wrote it as ‘Wartun’.
The name Warton has Old English (Anglo-Saxon) origins. It means the ‘tun’ by the guarding place or ‘Weard’. ‘Weard’ is also at the root of Ward and Warden. Warton is overlooked by the Iron Age hillfort on Warton Crag which has commanding views across Morecambe Bay. If you look you can see Warton Crag from many places in the District.
‘Tuns’ were settlements of some consequence (although we would consider them to be very small). The word later became ‘town’ although the medieval village township probably gives a better idea of relative size. Tuns are generally thought to date from the 700s onwards and may have had an administrative function. In the case of Warton this is very likely.
Warton of course remained as a site of significance and was a very wealthy medieval parish. The remains of the medieval rectory can still be seen there.