The Sun Pizza

Food glorious food! Lancaster has incredible food spots, and one of them is certainly The Sun Pizza on Sun Street!
We spoke to The Sun Pizza to find out a little bit more about what makes this business so popular, what we can expect in the future and more…

sun pizza
What was the inspiration behind starting The Sun Pizza?
I’ve always wanted to own my business so when the right opportunity came along (and it did), I knew I had to grab it by the horns and just go with it. I found the right partner (eventually and thankfully) and got together.. We’ve taken our passion for cooking and dining to create a truly student friendly place – the only place in town like it!
What sets The Sun Pizza apart?
We are a student owned and led business. The oldest person here is 21, so we’re really trying to bring a modern and contemporary edge to dining in Lancaster. We do things a little differently, for example, instead of serving a bread basket at the start of a meal, we serve a bowl of popcorn!!
What can we expect to see from The Sun Pizza in the coming months/years?
We continue to grow and as we continue to grow, you’ll be seeing a lot more contemporary dishes. We base ourselves on our backgrounds, that being from metropolitan cities – so we aim to replicate that.
Thanks to The Sun Pizza!

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